John is a talented drummer founded performing on a rock band, he`s a professional drummer


Buby is a professional guitar player that also teaches guitar in New York and New Jersey, creative, talented and perfectionist


Talented and creative, Anderson is an expert saxophonist, professional that knows what the music needs, he`s amazing!


Steve is a senior trumpeter that has been performing for different bands for about 40 years, experienced, very talented and professional


Paul is a fantastic pianist, professional, talented and he is also a singer

Jaquita May

Jaquita May, She is phenomenal, professional singer/songwriter, very talented and she has been performing for weddings for more than 20 years and also has a personal music career.


Barbara is a professional singer, that has been singing for her whole life, she also is a singing teacher., songwriter, has been performing for several wedding receptions, festivals, she also can sing a variety styles.

Vermex Van Croix

Vermex Van Croix is a professional singer, very versatile and talented singer, he always gives his best at the stage, has been participating in several weddings receptions and different bands.


Leader of the Band and bassist for 35 years, Marcelo has been playing for different bands until becoming manager of this band


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John Dollinger


Great Band Magnificent! I couldn’t imagine more beautiful music for the ceremony and reception. Bravo to all!
Sent on 03/12/das2019

Valerie Rudolph


Great Band! Lovely assortment of songs. They were great.
Sent on 03/14/2019

Julie C


The Love Day Band exceeded my expectations. My guests were surprised with a violin upon arrival at reception, awesome cocktail with piano, violin and a classical acoustic guitar, The reception was unforgettable with the band playing a sort of a nice and beautiful songs, the violin going from table to table when we greet the guest’s table was an unique experience, it was an incredible dancing night. I highly recommend “The Love Day Band “ for friends and family.
Sent on 04/02/2019
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